There are many sports available for bettors to wager on. However, the attraction is different from one sport to another. For instance, betting on football is popular than betting on golf. What makes these differences? Here are some of the factors that make sports popular with bettors.

Predictability of the Sport

Punters are usually attracted to the sports they have higher chances of winning in. Sports that are easier to predict the outcome are popular with bettors compared to the ones that are hard to predict.

The simplicity of the Sport

People would always want to bet on the sports they understand how they are played. Simple sports attract bettors.

The popularity of the Sport

If a sport is popular, more people will tend to bet on it. This is because many people identify themselves with it and hence they want to bet on their favourite teams and players.

The Availability of Matches

People would want to bet on sports that have a lot of matches and options. If a sport has very few matches and options for bettors, then it does not attract them.

The Region Effect

There are sports that are popular in some regions than others. For instance, ice skating is popular in Polar Regions with ice and unpopular in tropical regions. Hence, it will attract more bettors in the region where it is popular.

The Bookmakers Effect

Bookmakers can influence the popularity of a certain sport betting by offering free bets, exciting bonuses as well as good odds.

The Sport’s Excitement and Fun

Sports that are exciting and entertaining to watch are popular hence they attract bettors. Few bettors will be interested in a boring sport.

These are some of the factors that make some sports more popular with bettors than others. Of course, there are a few more and not all of them apply to one sport.