Sports betting is popular and bettors are always betting wherever they are anytime they want, thanks to online betting. There are many bookies with different sports options and games. But, have you ever asked yourself which sports are popular for online betting? Don’t worry, this article gives you a list of sports which are popular for sports betting.


No doubt football is one of the popular sports in the world and sport betting as well. It has millions of fans and exciting and charged matches every week. Football lovers bet on their favourite teams and players and they also bet for money. With this popularity, football has become one of the most popular sports that bettors place wagers on.


Tennis is also very popular with bettors. This is because the sport is a bit predictable and bettors put their money on their players based on the odds. However, tennis does not hit headlines as much as football.


Boxing is another very exciting sport. With its popularity and the excitement it brings to fans, bookies have developed an interest in it and started enticing bettors to wager on it.

Horse Racing

Horse racing is a popular sport that has been in existence for years. With many horse racing sports and calendars, horse racing betting has gained popularity.


Golf is a bit complex but a very interesting sport. Golf tournaments are played over a long time, say four days, and bettors have many types of bets to place in a tournament. This option has drawn the interest of bettors.

This article gives a list of the five popular sports for sports betting. However, this does not mean that you should always follow where the majority of the people are going. Before you start betting in any sport, make sure you understand it to avoid unnecessary loses.