Bookmakers have assessed the likelihood of McGregor returning to the plumbing profession

Former UFC champion Conor McGregor announced his retirement. This is the third such statement from the Irishman, but it seems that this time Conor is not lying. He said that he does not see worthy rivals and no longer enjoys fighting.

Bookmakers are taking bets that McGregor will return to his first profession after completing his career and will work as a plumber. However, the probability of this is extremely small. You can bet on this development with a coefficient of 250.00. This is less than 1% probability.

In his last fight to date, McGregor knocked out Donald Cerrone. This happened in January 2020 as part of the UFC 246 tournament. In total, the 31-year-old Irishman has won 22 fights out of 26.

Experts named the favorite of the football Bundesliga

After the coronavirus pandemic, sports are gradually returning to the arenas. In basketball, as in football, Germany is ahead of all. The Bundesliga resumed in a new format. Bookmakers accept bets on the winner of the championship.

According to analysts, the favorite is Bayern, the coefficient for its victory is 2.00. All matches of the final stage are held in Munich, and before the pause in the championship, the team of Oliver Kostic looked very confident. But in the first game after the resumption of the League, the Bavarians lost to Ulm-85: 95. The absence of the main star of the team affected. Greg Monroe did not fly to Germany from the United States.

You can bet on ” Alba “with a coefficient of 2.30. the Club from Berlin came to the resumption of the championship in the optimal composition and started with a victory over” Skyliners ” — 81:72.

You can place a bet on Oldenburg with a coefficient of 10.00. The team starts in the championship today with a match against Ulm. Experts estimated the odds of “Ludwigsburg” at a coefficient of 18.00. Wards of John Patrick in the first game of the final round beat “Rasta Fechta” 81: 76.

You can place a bet on “Brose” for 30.00, the team has not started in the final round yet. You can bet on the troublemaker — Ulm-with a coefficient of 35.00. the Chances of other teams are much lower.